Kirsti Heitmann Lucid

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  • Målgruppe: Ungdom, Unge voksne
  • Karakterer: 7
  • Antall sider: 126

Det er den første kvelden i søvnklinikken. Atmosfærisk synth-musikk. Sponsoren ved en mikrofon. TED Talk-stemning. Dempet belysning.

Welcome to the frontline, dreamers. When you set foot in this building you agreed to embark on an adventure with us. We are sailing uncharted waters. Here you will go from treading water, barely keeping your head above it, to diving willingly into the depths of your subconscious.

Scenen deles i to. Mathilde sitter på en buss. Gynger i setet. En ryggsekk ved bena hennes. Kikker ut av vinduet. Lys flakker fobi.

We are on a campaign to discover and conquer the wealth of potential lying dormant within you. Our aim: No more fear. For you to have no more recurring nightmares, to give you the opportunity to reclaim control of your lives and reinvent your narratives. Grabbing sleep by the balls and telling it’s who’s boss. And what else? Building a bridge, carving a path to a deeper understanding of human consciousness.

Aurora kommer inn på bussen. Mathilde ser på henne. Aurora gløtter på henne før hun setter seg ved siden av henne. Trekker hetta på hettegenseren over hodet, legger armene i kors og lukker øynene. Mathilde ser ut av vinduet.

We at ECAN Pharma take sleep seriously. I assume most of you are familiar with our wonder-pill, the pride of our company, the famously snooze-inducing - and non-addictive – sleeping pill Svefnthorn. It helps you sleep. But does it help you find peace? Clarity? Self-actualization and pleasure? This is the next step. Svefnthorn Volume 2: The Lucidity project. A sleeping pill that not only puts you to sleep, but awakens you in your dreams. And you, you lucky ducks, get to be the first ones to try it. You are the pioneers. No longer will you dread closing your eyes, no longer will you struggle with falling asleep, fearing the horrors that await you on the other side. The Lucidity Project is here for you, ECAN Pharma are sponsoring this project for your wellbeing, to increase the quality of your sleep and your waking life. We are putting Dreamland at your complete disposal: what will you do? Fly? Swim across the Atlantic? Have a romantic encounter with Angelina Jolie? Meet God? Freedom. Taking back the time we spend sleeping, a third of our lives, and putting it to our desired use. And once we have gotten access to that part of ourselves, that part of you, who knows what else is made possible? So good luck dreamers. Keep swimming, the shore is right ahead.

Sponsoren er ferdig. Musikken skrus av. Lyset kommer på, brått. Det var en teknisk øvelse. Forskeren står der alene og ser på. Pause. Forskeren klapper. En tynn applaus.

Sponsoren (amerikansk aksent): Huuh? Huuh!? Good, right, Eirin? Veldig bra?

Forskeren: Ja, jo ...

Sponsoren: Epic?

Forskeren: Veldig. Ja. Det var. Mhm.

Sponsoren vifter på dressjakken.

Sponsoren: God, I’m sweating like a pig. Woof. Hva er klokken, Eirin? Er de her snart?

Forskeren: Ja, nå kommer de i rykk og napp. Julie sjekker dem inn.

Sponsoren: Right. Yeah. Hvor mange er det?

Forskeren: 12.